The Winnipeg Free Press

(February 27, 2021)

“A fine frequency: Lapointe’s latest novel deftly marries many fascinating plot points,” (review of . . . And This is the Cure) by Keith Cadieux

The Manitoban

(February 2, 2021)

​“’Toban cornertable,” (review of …And This is the Cure) by Emily Unrau-Peotker

​Pickle Me This

(February 3, 2021)

​“… And This is the Cure, by Annette Lapointe” (review) by Kerry Clare

You Are Not Needed Now (2017)

Canadian Literature

(Canadian Literature 237 (2019): pp 155-156)

“Recollecting Heritage,” review of You Are Not Needed Now and My True and Complete Adventures as a Wannabe Voyageur by Phyllis Rudin

Prairie Fire

(May 7, 2018)

“You Are Not Needed Now by Annette Lapointe,” review by Erin Della Matla

The Winnipeg Free Press

(January 13, 2018)

“Annette Lapointe’s stories brim with humour, compassion,” review of You Are Not Needed Now by Rory Runnells

rob mclennan’ s blog

(January 9, 2018)

“12 or 20 (second series) questions with Annette Lapointe,” rob mclennan’s blog

The Malahat Review

(Summer, 2018)

Review by Amy Reiswig

Quill & Quire

(December, 2017)

Review of You Are Not Needed Now and The Third Person by Emily Anglin

The Globe and Mail

(October 20, 2017)

“Review: Annette Lapointe’s You Are Not Needed Now and Jessica Westhead’s Things Not to Do” by Stephen W. Beattie

The Star

(October 6, 2017)

“The latest good books come in tasty packages,” multi-book review by Sarah Murdoch

All Lit Up

(September 27, 2017)

“First Fiction Fridays: You Are Not Needed Now,” review

Volé (French translation of Stolen, 2016)

hop! sous la couette

(January 18, 2017)

Volé. Annette Lapointe,” by Marie-Claude Rioux

Le Devoir

(January 7, 2017)

“La Saskatchewan entre le Far West et le Grand Nord,” review of Volé, the French-language translation of Stolen by Caroline Jarry

Les Mille et Un Pages LM

(January 6, 2021)

​​”*VOLÉ*Annette Lapointe*XYZ Éditions*,” review by Lynda Massicotte

Whitetail Shooting Gallery (2012)

Pickle Me This

(January 6, 2013)

Review of Whitetail Shooting Gallery by Kerry Clare


(May 1, 2013)

“An Accidental Scarring,” review of Whitetail Shooting Gallery by Yutaka Dirks

The Winnipeg Free Press

(January 5, 2013)

“These teens are ‘hairy, stinky, violent’,” review by Joanne Kelly


(April 1, 2013)

“Cold Romance,” review of Whitetail Shooting Gallery by Mariko Tamaki

broken pencil

(October 8, 2013)

Review of Whitetail Shooting Gallery by Hal Niedzvieki

Foreword Reviews

(Spring 2013)

Review of Whitetail Shooting Gallery by Shawn Syms

The Rusty Toque

(February 15, 2013)

Review of Whitetail Shooting Gallery by Lori Garrison

Stolen (2006)

The Globe and Mail

(June 10, 2006)

“Gold out of dross,” review of Stolen by Jim Bartley